BEN Tribunals

Along with other organizations from both state and national level, we launched two separate initiatives resulting in the following Tribunals, one in Athens, Ohio and the other in Youngstown, Ohio in the Summer of 2017. These tribunals were held in an effort to gather and correlate data to submit to the United Nations Human Rights Council charging the State of Ohio and the US Federal Government with Human Rights violations through their un-checked allowance of the Oil and Gas Industry to operate when their actions are directly infringing upon citizens rights, health, and the environment. 

Here you can read the Final Report on the Tribunals:
Newest Human Rights Tribunal Report

Preliminary Statement:

Session on Human Rights, Fracking and Climate change (14-18 May 2018) PRELIMINARY STATEMENT

To review these videos of our Tribunal Witness accounts scroll down, click the top left tab of the video to select individual videos. You can also access the videos directly from The Buckeye Environmental Network YouTube page.

Youngstown Tribunal

Athens Tribunal 

Report from Ohio Pre-Tribunals

Part I: Permanent Peoples' Tribunal

Part 2: Permanent Peoples' Tribunal