Fracking-related Impacts are getting worse...

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For Immediate Release:  June 14, 2018

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Fracking-related impacts are getting worse say Ohioans who are getting the attention of an international panel of judges: Judges of the Rome, Italy–based Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal released their preliminary statement on fracking and human rights

COLUMBUS, Ohio, June 14, 2018—In Ohio and elsewhere, man-made earthquakes linked to injection wells, air pollution, water contamination, fires and evacuations and harms to individuals have resulted from fracking, injection wells, or related processes and infrastructure, 

       And it’s getting worse, say many impacted Ohio residents and groups opposed to the fracking industry.

       For years, Ohioans and others around the world have been telling the public and their governments why fracking must be stopped due to an alarming, increasing number of adverse effects to public health, safety, and human rights.  Now, these grassroots advocates have reached an international audience to hear their pleas.

       The internationally recognized Human Rights Opinion Tribunal, based in Rome, Italy, and known as the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal heard evidence and testimony regarding human rights infringements, fracking, and climate change in its online proceeding held from May 14 to May 18, 2018.[1]   

       According to the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal (PPT) preliminary statement:

       “The evidence clearly demonstrates that the processes of fracking contribute substantially to anthropogenic harm, including climate change and global warming, and involve massive violations of a range of substantive and procedural human rights and the rights of nature.  Thus the industry has failed to fulfill its legal and moral obligations. The evidence also shows that governments have, in general, failed in their responsibility to regulate the industry so as to protect people, communities, and nature… ” [2]

       That an internationally recognized human rights opinion Tribunal has heard and understood the message of these grassroots activists is welcome news to many. 

       How did Ohioans achieve international attention on human rights violations and fracking?  Ohioans joined efforts with other across America and the world with similar grievances.

       “Every day the amount of evidence increases, which shows that fracking and related processes cause unacceptable impacts to human rights and public health and safety.  It must stop now.  The heavy industrial operations are frequently alarmingly near family homes. State governments are failing to protect the health and safety of their residents,” said Teresa Mills who is on the steering committee of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal based in Washington state and is executive director of the Buckeye Environmental Network.

       Teresa Mills helped to coordinate two citizen pre-Tribunals in Ohio – first in Athens, the other in Youngstown.  Among the distinguished local panels of pre-Tribunal judges was famed environmental justice activist Lois Gibbs, of Love Canal renown and founder of the Center for Health, Environment, and Justice.

       Written and video evidence and testimony from the two local pre-Tribunals was shared with the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal and will be considered by PPT human rights judges for their final report.

Local Ohio adverse human rights and health and safety impacts, including potential future man-made earthquakes that could take place due to fracking waste injection wells, was the subject of one presentation by Attorney Richard Sahli to an international panel of PPT jurors and can be seen at the following URL:

       To see compelling video testimony of the pre-Tribunals held in Youngstown and Athens see:

       The next step will be the issuance of the final report by the PPT judges in the fall of 2018.

       “We feel relieved and grateful that our grievances were heard and broadcast far and wide, but now real changes must continue to be made to protect residents.  That is the right and fair thing to do.  We are optimistic that the PPT will help gain protection for the human rights of all involved,” said Roxanne Groff, Athens County Fracking Action Network.

       More information on the PPT can be found at:

       Videos of the May 14 to May 18, 2018 proceedings can be found at:

       For more information or media inquiries, please see:


[1]  For more information on the history of the PPT and more see:


Documents, videos, evidence and other important information related to the session can be found at the following website. The Peoples’ Permanent Tribunal on Human Rights, Fracking, and Climate Change

[2]  “Session on Human Rights, Fracking and Climate change: the preliminary statement of the PPT” (Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal), page 3.